a. Call For Application

Call For Application.

Puebla: Ciudad Mural

“Mural Camp”

With the purpose of generating favorable conditions for the residents of the Xanenetla in Puebla, Mexico, dignify their houses facades and promote the expression of muralism as a link tool between artists and residents of the community, the call for application for PUEBLA: CIUDAD MURAL is official.

“Puebla: Ciudad Mural” looks for creative and artistic people to become Project Manager next to a Mexican artist/painter/designer and a resident of Xanenetla to work on a mural inspired by an anecdote, an urban legend or a relevant matter for the family owner of the house in which the team will be working on.

This project goes beyond the murals. The bonds developed between the international artists, the local artists and the residents of the neighborhood will define the experience. The Barrio Xanenetla is a needed neighborhood just outside downtown Puebla, and by joining us in this project, you will be helping them to have a better quality of life and to dignified their houses.

This is an opportunity for people with Mexican and Latin backgrounds who have never been to Latin America, as well as other people interested in coming and experience what it is to live with a Mexican family for two weeks, while working on this project.

If you want to come and be a part of this experience, you;ll have to send the required documentation, fulfill the eligibility and restrictions conditions and send everything by February 21, 2012.


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