Call For Application

With the purpose of generating favorable conditions for the residents of the Xanenetla in Puebla, Mexico, dignify their houses facades and promote the expression of the Muralismo as a link tool between artists and residents of the community, the call for application for the PUEBLA: CIUDAD MURAL is official.

“Puebla: Ciudad Mural” looks for artists or designers to become Project Manager next to a Mexican artist/painter/designer and a resident of Xanenetla to work on a mural inspired by an anecdote, an urban legend or a relevant matter for the family owner of the house in which the team will be working. They will have meetings with the residents to define and plan the mural as well as worshops to complement the experience.

This is an opportunity for people with Mexican and Latin backgrounds who have never been to Latin America to come and experience what it is to live in Mexico for three weeks, while working in this project. It’s also a rewarding experience that will bring a better way of life to some needed families. The cost of this experience is $XXX US, but the learnings and experiences the participants will have are priceless.

If you’re interested in participating, go through the Calendar, the Documentation we need from you, the Terms and Conditions, and the Criteria we’ll use to select the participants; as well as what do you need to do once the Results are out.


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