Kickstarter Puebla: Mural City

We need your help, we only have 1 month to reach our goal!

We are very proud to invite you to participate in our project: Puebla: mural city!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Puebla: Ciudad Mural is a project by Colectivo Tomate. We started painting murals in 2010 in the neighborhood of Xanenetla, in the city of Puebla, Mexico. Our goal has been to rescue Mexican muralist heritage and use it as a tool to make the facades of this historical part of the city more beautiful and representative of the community’s complex and intense identity. We have completed thirty two murals and are planning to paint twenty five more in the Spring of 2012.

We are now asking for a $29,500 dollars through a donating platform called Kickstarter ( in order to accomplish our goal to paint 25 more murals in April 2012. Our link is Puebla: mural city:

We have 36 days to reach our donation goal. The money will be transferred ONLY if the entire amount is reached, therefore we need your help in order to be able to continue with our project next year!

All you have to do is go to our link and click on a green button that says: BACK THIS PROJECT and follow the steps! It only takes about a minute! A minute will help contribute to the lives of many many people!

We are deeply thankful and honored that you have taken the time to read this and consider us.

Greetings from Mexico

Colectivo tomate


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