5. Questions

Please, feel free to ask any doubt or concern you have about Puebla: Ciudad Mural either here or by sending and e-mail to pueblaciudadmural@gmail.com (by sending a question to this address you are giving us license to publish it here if we feel it’d be useful to other participants).

2 Responses to “5. Questions”
  1. As a submitting artist we too have to pay the entry fee! I am an employee of Homeboy-Industries.org gang intervention program and this is a great opportunity although times are hard. I just want to Congratulate you on this great vision. I sure would love to be part of this. Hopefully I can find a way.

    • Hi Fabian!
      Thank you for your interest.

      This is a muralism camp in which you’ll be living with a family and working with a needed community. All the meals and workshops are included. The families that will lodge you will receive money for expenses too and the transportation Mexico City-Puebla-Mexico City is included as well.

      We know times are hard, but we believe that the experience you’ll have coming to work with us and helping a needed community will be enriching and valuable.

      We will give ONE 100% grant and TWO 50% grant, to deserving artists that prove to us that they don’t have the money to come. So if you want to participate we suggest you email us (pueblaciudadmural@gmail.com), send your paperwork and explain why you want to come and why would you be a good candidate for the grants.

      We would love to work with you!

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