8. Colectivo Tomate

We are a group of young Mexicans interested in making a better world and developing creating solutions to help our comunity.


  • Paola de la Concha
  • Vica Amuchastegui
  • Donaji Tejada
  • Guillermo Morales

and we’re relying on the next people to bring together this project:

  • Paulo Mendes
  • Tomás Dario
  • Guillermo Morales
  • Paulina Macías
  • Ximena Monroy
  • Rodolfo Pérez
  • Jorge Gil
  • Allison Montiel
  • Dario Isasmendi

If you want to know more about us and the projects we’ve developed, visit our main site http://www.colectivotomate.com/

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