Kickstarter Puebla: Mural City

We need your help, we only have 1 month to reach our goal! We are very proud to invite you to participate in our project: Puebla: mural city! Thank you for taking the time to read this. Puebla: Ciudad Mural is a project by Colectivo Tomate. We started painting murals in 2010 in the neighborhood … Continue reading

Come Join Us in Puebla Ciudad Mural, Xanenetla!

Be a part of this amazing experience! April 1-15, 2012! Barrio Xanenetla, Puebla Mexico

Puebla Ciudad Mural

On december 18th, 2010 the Xanenetla barrio welcomed more than a houndred people excited to finally see some murals. 15 murales were created in december and now the barrio is being cosidered an important touristic point in Puebla. But this ain’t over yet, we still have 38 more murals to do.

Puebla’s New Mural Movement

Check out this link!

Puebla: Ciudad Mural

Your response for this project has been overwhelming! Thank youso much to all of you who have chosen to participate and please, invite friends and people you might think would like to come work with us. Keep on sending your proposals! We are so excited!

Call For Application

PUEBLA: CIUDAD MURAL With the purpose of generating favorable conditions for the residents of the Xanenetla in Puebla, Mexico, dignify their houses facades and promote the expression of the Muralismo as a link tool between artists and residents of the community, the call for application for the PUEBLA: CIUDAD MURAL is official. “Puebla: Ciudad Mural” … Continue reading