a. Puebla Ciudad Mural in Xanenetla

Puebla Ciudad Mural is being implemented in the Barrio Xanenetla in Puebla, Mexico with the purpose of generating favorable conditions for the residents, dignify their houses facades and promote the expression of muralism as a link tool between artists and residents of the community.

Besides the social and urban improvements, the project is also looking to improve economically the area presenting it as a new touristic attraction in the city.

The Barrio Xanenetla is a needed neighborhood just outside downtown Puebla, and by joining us in this project, you will be helping them to have a better quality of life and to dignified their houses. This project goes beyond the murals. The bonds developed between the international artists, the local artists and the residents of the neighborhood will define the experience.

So far 31 murals have been created in facades of the barrio main street, the goal is 52.

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